Why we love linen in the bathroom

Sustainable + Livable + Durable

My two major complaints about cotton & most conventional towels are: 1) After a while they have a strange smell 2) After a while they look old and used and then must be resigned to the cleaning rag bin.

Linen on the other hand is easy on the earth, anti-bacterial, odor-resistant and ages beautifully, gaining in both strength and character with each use. (Linen lasts 12x longer than cotton)

So, linen towels will not get funky, AND get better as they age. Sign us up.


From farming and harvesting, to weaving and finishing, linen fabrics are one of the most environmentally friendly fibers in the world. The all natural process is much greener than cotton production, which requires the use of heavy machinery, pesticides and fertilizers. Flax also requires no irrigation, and relies on the consistent weather patterns of northern Europe for retting and refinement. 


Linen is a refreshingly easy fabric to live with and understand. Its properties are naturally antibacterial and it was traditionally used as a medical material. It is non-allergenic, and virtually lint free, making it light on your senses compared to synthetic fabrics. Linens stay fresh, dry and crisp far longer than cotton, which is more quickly weighed down by moisture and oils. Linens are temperature neutral, insulating in the winter and breathable in the summer.


Linen’s extreme durability begs for heavy use. It can absorb a staggering 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp to the touch, and releases moisture to the air quickly and easily, remaining cool and dry. Its tensile strength is three times as stronger than cotton or wool. The natural durability is proven throughout history; linen is an heirloom in European cultures, passed down from generation to generation. Linen gets better with age, and lasts 12 times longer than cotton. The softness and strength are refined by warmth, friction and tension on the fibers. It becomes more flexible, supple and durable with each passing day, reflecting new character as time goes on.

The bath linens we carry in the shop are from August Linen. We love their simple, timeless designs, their dedication to sustainability, and unmatched quality.

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