Featured Artist: Louise Gray

Louise Gray pays homage to the tradition of quilting by creating beautiful contemporary heirlooms. Dedicated to fostering sustainable manufacturing practices, they are proud to have each design handcrafted by local artisans in Minneapolis. Each design is 100% cotton and 100% made in the USA. Louise Gray is determined to transform how we invest in and curate a well-considered home, being ever mindful that life can always be a little cozier.

Marrying the classic with the contemporary, Louise Gray creates a refined union of modern angular shapes and bold color-blocking, translating their designs into more than just quilts, but pillows and art prints as well. Whether you’re adding a minimalist flair to your bedding or displaying it as wall art, their quilts are meant to serve as meaningful keepsakes that will bring warmth and style to your space throughout the years. 

Check out our selection of Louise Gray designs in-store or online! Here are the items we currently have available:

Bri Ussery