Setting A Warm Thanksgiving Table

Before the turkey is cut and plates begin to fill up, the act of gathering around a Thanksgiving table sets the mood for the meal about to be shared. We know that a warm tone can be difficult to set, so we've tried to gather a few tips that guide our own holiday season meals. 

A centerpiece can provide a good starting point for additions to a table setting, and this doesn't have to be a cornucopia or a flower arrangement. The table runner that reminds you of family, the silverware you only bring out a few times a year, even your favorite dish can all provide guidance for the items that compliment the mood you're inviting into your meal. Fresh flowers from the market are also a must.

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Be picky when choosing what matters. Using things that feel special to you, makes Thanksgiving feel like the holiday it is, even when it's being served in a dining room you've eaten countless meals in. Bring out the good linens. Use the crystal you haven't seen since your wedding. Make Thanksgiving dinner different than dinner last night. Most of all, define your own family's traditions. 

At the end of the day, don't sweat the small stuff. Don't lose sight of the memories you'd like to come out of the meal - they probably won't have to do with the nit-picky attention to details you put into setting the table. 

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Here are some of the items we featured in our own table setting:

Bri Ussery